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this community is just ASKING for an update!

my "every song that ever made me happy" tape.
it's usually listened to on the way to school every morning.
[it has a lot of the same songs that were in a track listing that i posted awhile back, so, sorry for the similarities.]

a side
joan jett and the blackhearts: "bad reputation"
le tigre: "eau d' bedroom dancing"
black flag: "rise above"
the replacements: "little mascara"
the dead milkmen: "punk rock girl"
bikini kill: "blood one"
emf: "unbelievable"
bad religion: "struck a nerve"
the ramones: "the kkk took my baby away"
taking back sunday "cute with out the 'e'"
the gossip: "ain't it the truth"
le tigre: "deceptacon"
jersey: "all rise"
lawrence arms: "quincentuple your money"
bratmobile: "gimme brains"
anti-flag: "die for the government"

b side
the unseen: "goodbye america"
descendents: "when i get old"
rancid: "side kick"
dead kennedys: "kill the poor"
bikini kill: "sugar"
black flag: "gimme gimme gimme"
the bangs: "sweet revenge"
social distortion: "story of my life"
the fleshies: "fists of mercy"
the replacements: "fuck school"
bad religion: "recipe for hate"
piebald: "american hearts"
bree sharp: "david duchovny"
[a must for any lover of the 'chovny!]
afi: "girl's not grey"
the soviettes: "matt's song"
the ataris: "boxcar"
nofx: "fun things to fuck [if you're a winner]"

again, sorry about all the repeats from the last time.
i'm just boring. and that last tape wasn't for me, anyway.
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