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Dun dun dun! name is Lindi and I'm new here at Punk Rock MixTape..yep. I'm not good at making these first posts so here's the mix that I just made...

1)Bleeding Hearts-Atreyu
2)Liar-Bikini Kill
3)Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
4)Smoke Your Ass Up-A Global Threat
5)Do You Like Me Like That-Bratmobile
6)Promise-Pedro the Lion
7)Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
8)Rentals-Modest Mouse
9)Stupid Ass Punk-The Casualties
10)Strawberry Gashes-Jack off Jill
11)K-Kidney Thieves
12)Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts-Less Than Jake
13)Top of the World-The Julianne Theory
14)Fell In Love With A Girl-The White Stripes
15)Angel Fuck-The Misfits
16)No One's Looking-Tsunami Bomb
17)Irish Boys-Tsunami Bomb
18)Until Next Time-Tuuli
19)Looking Back On Today-The Ataris
20)Enjoy Your Day-Alkaline Trio
21)Twenty Below-Teen Idols
22)There's A Coldest Day In Every Year-Cursive
23)A Green Desire-Dead Poetic
24)Smack My Bitch Up-Prodigy
25)Mushy Love Song-Tsunami Bomb
26)Religious Scam-A Global Threat
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