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shit i listen to

for: jason
length: 1.19.12
medium: CD
art: nope
title: mellow

something corporate x globes & maps
modest mouse x it always rains on a picnic
the sea&cake x seemingly
bright eyes x no lies, just love
cursive x lament of pretty baby
death cab for cutie x pictures in exhibition
pretty girls make graves x speakers push the air
modest mouse x paper thin walls
bright eyes x the calendar hung itself
everything but the girl x back to the old house
bright eyes x a perfect sonnet
the gloria record x L'anniversarie triste
bright eyes x a line allows progress, a circle does not
the sea&cake x soft & sleep
the gloria record x ode to new grass
death cab for cutie x president of what
white stipes x sugar never tasted so good
bright eyes x haligh haligh a lie haligh
something corporate x konstantine

notes: A not of saddle creek, but not bad. I wanted to make him a mellow summer mix of a few bands I just can't seem to get enough of. This is a CD & it's really good for just chillin'

for: Erik
length: 1.18.44
medium: CD
art: nope
title: __love in's & out's

the juliana theory x dont push love away
the ataris x bad case of broken heart
something corporate x bad day
revenge of me x cigarettes & coffee stains
a fire inside x girls not gray
saves the day x nightengale
the beautiful mistake x wide eyes
sunny day real estate x pheurton skeurto
the ataris x song for a mixtape
something corporate x globes & maps
saves the day x rocks tonic juice tonic
the juliana theory x this is not a love song
the ataris x angry nerd rock
modest mouse x tiny cities made of ash
the juliana theory x is patience still waiting
the ataris x the last song i will write about a girl
the beautiful mistake x fragile fingers
revenge of me x the path
nerf herder x pantera fans in love
the ataris x i o u one galaxy
the juliana theory x the closest thing
something corporate x konstantine

notes: erik is mister punk rock, & now he's starting to get into more pop punk, emo, & indie rock. This is just a collection about relationships I thought he might enjoy. Plus it has Nerf Herder, pantera fans in love, on it & that is by far the coolest song... ever. I don't like how the songs fit on to the cd & the lack of variety, I should have branched out a lot more, but whatever, it's still damn entertaining. Also revenge of me is a fantab band from portland check them out at mp3.com if you have a chance. good emoish music.


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