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summer fun

a collection of songs from various genres for my friend gavin. It's CD, no art & it's 1.17. feedback?

x le tigre x deceptacon
x fountains of wayne x sink to the bottom
x placebo x every me every you
x something corporate x good news
x fiona apple x across the universe
x poison the well x grain of salt
x rasputina x dig ophelia
x brand new x sudden death in carolina
x bright eyes x a perfect sonnet
x jets to brazil x starry configurations
x the juliana theory x august in bethany
x modest mouse x tiny cities made of ash
x pedro the lion x fade
x taking back sunday x you are so last summer
x eniac x skeleton crew { acoustic }
x the start x glimmerman
x cursive x lament of pretty baby
x death cab for cutie x president of what
x revenge of me x cigarettes & coffee stains
x pretty girls make graves x speakers push the air
x the sea&cake x seemingly
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