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Punk Rock Mix Tape
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Welcome to punkrockmixtape. I got the idea for this place after being a member of emomixtape. I got the idea after awhile that people liked making punk mixtapes, and it was obvious they weren't really welcomes anywhere else, but now they are. Whether your version of punk be the Distillers or the Used, Alkaline Trio or Juliana Theory, The Ramones or Taking Back Sunday, your mixtapes are welcomed here. Try to keep things nice, for nobody likes to be insulted. Have fun!

Redundant Rules That Will Be Enforced:
1. Don't insult others for their taste in music. If you do than, your the one who is wrong. I don't care how bad the music they post is, don't insult. Be nice. Tell them of some good bands to listen to or good songs to help their mix, but never tell them its the biggest piece of shit ever. Say you don't like it, just don't insult the person.

2. Don't be afraid to post other types of music. But, be aware there is a limit. A mixtape of half-emo, half-punk is alright, but if the mix tape had one punk song on it, come on that's a little too little.

And finally, the definition of punk used here is the following:

Punk: Whatever you think it means.